Peer groups for software managers who strive to grow together.

DownLeft is a platform for groups of software leaders who meet regularly to share their day to day challenges, and get the feedback they need in order to improve.

We took meetups and conferences material as an anti-pattern, where a stream of endless speakers share nothing but unicorns & rainbows: "Up and to the right!".

We know that life is much more complicated, and we all often feel more like a failure than an overnight success story. In our groups we talk about how it really is: the struggles, pains and endless learning. So say it with me: "Down and to the left!". Already feeling much better, right?

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Small and Intimate groups

Small & Intimate

Building trust takes time. Our groups is limited to 12 people. Same people, every time, for a long commitment (at least 12 months).

Concrete and personal

Concrete and personal

We share the actual pains, from our day to day. We talk about what mostly doesn't work, and how we'd like to make it better.

A support group

A support group

A safe place to share, learn from others and get feedback. Not a place to be judged, but rather to grow and improve.